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        What Is InsightCM? Software?

        InsightCM is application software for condition monitoring with full access to waveforms, multiple sensor technology inputs, and enterprise software connectivity.

        Explore InsightCM Features

        InsightCM online asset monitoring software is for?subject matter experts and maintenance professionals who need full access to waveform data, multiple sensor technology inputs, connectivity to existing enterprise software packages, and a variety of configuration options for alarms and data management. InsightCM can connect to deployment-ready?NI Monitoring Devices, or you can use the Software Development Kit for InsightCM to customize it to integrate with third-party hardware and software. You can use this flexible technology to monitor a larger percentage of your asset mix and drive predictive maintenance programs.

        Use hardware auto-discovery and interactive panels to take your first measurement faster.

        Diagnose From Your Desktop

        Reduce routes and trips for diagnostic measurement with intelligent alarming and full access to waveform data — all through a web client.

        Use integrated data capture and analysis tools to gain insight into real-world signals.

        Cover More Sensor Technologies

        Use fewer software tools to diagnose machine failure.

        Use enhanced coding productivity features to reduce your development time.

        Connect To Existing Enterprise Software

        Minimize change to your workflow by integrating asset health data with your existing software tools.

        What Can I Do With InsightCM?

        InsightCM helps maintenance managers and reliability engineers manage asset health with tools for monitoring and responding to potential asset health issues. Learn more about increasing productivity with InsightCM.

        Remotely Diagnose Asset Health

        Diagnose potential faults from anywhere with a web-based interface for viewing asset health data and tools such as statistics, data viewers, and alarms.

        Monitor Any Asset

        Monitor any asset with a broad range of sensor technologies such as vibration, temperature, and pressure.

        Collect Better Asset Data

        Eliminate useless asset data with intelligent hardware at the edge, configurable data collection behaviors, and alarms and notifications.

        Use Existing Software Tools

        Integrate with existing IT infrastructure as well as third-party enterprise software tools.

        What Hardware Can I Use With InsightCM?

        Monitor assets with rugged InsightCM hardware deployed at the edge. Never miss a startup with 24/7 data screening in the field for user-configured trigger conditions like startup, exceeded limits, and elapsed time. Wireless hardware options reduce installation costs by eliminating the need for running cable and conduit.

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        Try the NI InsightCM Online Demo

        NI is an Affiliate member of the Intel??IoT Solutions Alliance. Intel and NI have partnered to help companies act on their industrial operational data to improve the health of their production assets.